Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting in Russia



  • Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe
  • IV century Naryn-Kala fortress 
  • Dargavs necropolis
  • Unbelievably tasty ethnic cuisines
  • Ancient Jeyrah gorge watch towers
  • Baduk lakes
  • Alania national park
  • Caucasian dolmens
  • 100 meter high Tobot waterfalls
  • XI century Ushkaloi twin towers
  • X century Centy church 

Destination overview

It is no coincidence that the North Caucasus is one of the favorite destinations for water tourism in Russia. Here the diverse flora and fauna, magnificent landscapes, high mountains, fast rivers with rapids and waterfalls, semi-deserts, mineral springs, architectural monuments and delicious food are surprisingly combined.

The North Caucasus has unique natural riches, which have no analogues anywhere in the world. Here are the highest mountains of Europe topped with glaciers and, forests with huge trees, alpine meadows, as well as fast flowing mountain rivers. Steppes and oases typical of the subtropical zone are spread out in the vast expanses. There are several climatic zones in this region, each with its own unique ecosystem.

The mountains of the North Caucasus are unusually rich not only in natural attractions, but also in ancient architectural structures built by representatives of more than 30 ethnic groups, each of which uses a unique language. These are fortresses, castles, monasteries, watchtowers, necropolises and dolmens dating thousands of years back.

Almost all rivers in the Caucasus are suitable for water tourism. Each river has its own specific character and class of complexity.

The Kuban River is formed by the confluence of two mountain rivers – Ullukam and Uchkulan – flowing down from the glaciers of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. In the upper reaches of the Kuban River, it has the character of a powerful mountain river carrying a stream of water in narrow gorges. The river channel is rather winding. Rafting is possible on a 140 km long section of the river. Multiple rapids require reconnaissance before attempting a passage.

The Bolshoi Zelenchuk River is a tributary of the Kuban River. It is 158 km long and is rated as III class. In some areas, during high water can be dangerous. The upper parts of the river are surrounded by tall trees, and the current in the lower parts goes through steep limestone banks.

No less interesting is the route along the Belaya River. In its course there will be areas for both extreme rafting and quiet rest. The Belaya River is majestically beautiful, surrounded by rocks and relict forests.

The Bolshaya Laba River has segments of III-V class of difficulty.  Canyons, rapids and waterfalls make rafting on this river fascinating and interesting. Gorges and mountain valleys of the river are very picturesque.

Participation in rafting tours in the North Caucasus will allow you to test yourself during the passage of complex routes along the most interesting rivers, enjoy the beauty of nature and see historical sights.


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